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San Donato Milanese Lombardia 20097


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  • FaitalPRO
  • Year Established
  • 1958
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  • +39025277031
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  • Via Bruno Buozzi, 12
    San Donato Milanese, Lombardia 20097

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  • GMT +1 CET (Central European Time)


Faital S.p.A., established in Milan in 1958, is today one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in Europe, with production plants in 3 countries and a worldwide distribution network. In 2005, holding strong to the original passion for acoustic excellence, Faital entered the Pro Audio market with the new FaitalPRO brand and a complete catalog of high performance ferrite and neodymium drivers. Bringing to the market a long awaited advancement in approach to loudspeaker design and manufacture, FaitalPRO combined the latest R&D methods and technologies with the most advanced industrial automation techniques. 

All FaitalPRO drivers are made in Italy with the highest level of quality, consistency and durability.

 The design stage begins on drawing individual loudspeakers and their components using three-dimensional modeling software. Faital currently has 8 workstations and has four different CAD systems available: Autocad, CATIA, Computer Vision and Unigraphics. At the same time, an electro-acoustic simulation of the various loudspeakers in development is carried out using "Finite Element Analysis" software based on the required physical and dimensional parameters , this way their acoustic performance can be predicted before they are built in the laboratory. The single components designed for the project are also tested. Faital over the years has also acquired the ability to create a feedback system that enables the R&D dept to feed actual performance data into the FEA system which in turn is constantly becoming more precise and reliable. After this stage Faital builds the first prototypes of the loudspeakers. This is done through the construction of pilot tools or the use of rapid prototyping techniques so that parts very similar to the final ones can be quickly assembled. These first prototypes can then be measured to verify  that all electrical and acoustic parameters comply with the initial design specifications. Additionally to instrumental testing the prototypes produced in the laboratory are also subjected to a series of measurements for installation and dimensional compatibility, as well as acoustic performance. Sound is evaluated by tests using specific instrumentation. When the target performance is achieved, a pre-series production is undertaken. The loudspeakers from the pre-series production are then run through a series of validation testing carried out at Faital's laboratory. Throughout history Faital has implemented a series of routine activities to be applied during this phase of product development and manufacturing; these activities include salt fog, life, temperature, humidity, UV exposure  and vibration tests either carried out singularly or combined together, as well as all the most advanced electro-acoustic measurements, including Linear parameters measurement, large signal identification, thermal behaviour, suspension part measurement and scanning vibrometer systems. At this point the project has been  completed and will be put in production. All loudspeakers manufactured by the Faital group are individually checked at the end of the assembly lines. Most of a product is emotion and Faital ensures the emotion of a perfect sound.

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